City Grounds: A Second Look at the Volume Thrasher Completes Feb 9, 2011


Paul from City Grounds swung by the Volume HQ to check out these Thrasher completes everyone’s talking about. I almost prefer photos like this as opposed to studio shots. The bikes look happier. I think this also solves the question people had about the sprockets. Good thing a splined Resist sprocket isn’t a lotta dough. Anyway, check out pre-order info at City Grounds! Is it bad that I’d want the red parts to go on the matte black frame?

Volume Bikes: White Thrasher Complete
Volume Bikes: Thrasher Completes

  • Snapback Fiend

    What exactly is the problem with a regular BMX chainring with a backing bolt on fixed gears?

  • Ever ridden one? It sucks. All the back-pedaling and skidding constantly loosens up the bolt and it causes a lot of play in the chainline / noise.

  • Snapback Fiend

    I haven’t haha. My old Cutter has Deore crankarms and a Salsa chainring. But, I picked up a Thrasher and got a heck of a deal on a 16 spline 165mm Premium Products crankset. Now I think I’m wishing I had just went with a 48 spline splindle and arms.