Christopher Robin’s Obree Replica Bike Feb 9, 2011


Maybe you recall a man by the name Christopher Robin that I’d posted about before? During the long winter months, he spends his free time making bicycles in what most would consider sub-standard conditions using implemented tools and techniques. For his latest endeavor, he decided to construct a replica of Graham Obree‘s hour-record breaking track bike. In a word, the outcome is immaculate!

You have to check out the rest of the photos and a video below. It’s insane!











Here’s the text translated:

“I don’t know who is more foolish.
The fool or the one following the fool…
I suppose i am a bit of a fool.
I’ve spent nine months building this thing, and here i am in a car heading up to Falun to take it for a ride.
So yeah, I guess that probably makes me a bit of a fool…”

Christopher was kind enough to send a full parts break-down as well:

Frame: Carbon fibre with balsa wood core. Intergrated saddle (San Marco Roll´s modell) and seatpost. 70mm spacing between dropouts
Fork/ Handlebar: Carbon fibre mono fork with intergrated stem and handlebar. Handlebar width 30cm (at the widest)
Headset: Nylon glide bearings 24mm wide
Front wheel: Specialized tri spoke with modified hub
Rear wheel: Specialized tri spoke with casette tread, the cog is mounted backwards to get the chain line as narrow as possible. No lockring needed.
Bottombracket: Shimano Tiagra customized to 40mm width
Crankarms: Shimano Tiagra 170mm reshaped for a narrower q-factor
Pedals: Intergrated pedalaxel on Shimano shoes
Chainring: Custom made alloy 50t
Chainring bults: Dia comp alloy
Cog: Shimano Dura ace 13t 1 1/8 (now I have a 12t)
Chain: Izumi NJS 1 1/8
Tires: Dugast pink silk latex pista

This is seriously amazing! Thanks for sharing Christopher!

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  • d.patrick1a

    Wow, this bike is just crazy looking to me. I want it.

  • Wade

    SUPERMAN! Tiagra, not washing machine? LOL.

  • chris campbell

    dude just made my hero list!!

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    maybe this is where all the clowns got their bar width from.

  • chris

    robin, christ. reshaped the cranks to narrow the q factor ? altered the front hub on a composite wheel? and gutted a saddle to integrate into the frame?

    christopher robin wins the internet today.

  • Matt

    yeah, but is it fast?

  • Graeme’s now looking to meet up with him according to his twitter. That’s friggin awesome

  • nick

    just when i thought the fixed gear culture could not possibly be anymore asinine, Christopher Robin comes along and proves me wrong. Bravo!

  • Simon silver

    Help Christopher Robin go to Manchester to meet up with Obree!

  • K

    did a feature interview with Chris about his Paragon bike here.