BMW & Pharrell Williams: Velo Bike for Domeau & Pérès Feb 10, 2011


This Domeau & Pérès Gangsta track has seriously been sitting in Brooklyn‘s shop for months. I never thought it would drop but as Highsnobiety reports, it looks like it has. Check out all the info at Highsnobiety and Arrested Motion. Oh and The Gagosian Store is offering them for €20,000.00! Damn.

LOL. I’m going to the cowboy boot store to coat my Bruiser in leather tomorrow!

  • martin

    wow, it’s kind of hideous

  • Parker

    Hah my girlfriend saw one of these in the window of “some shop” here in Paris (I’m assuming its the Gagosian Gallery Paris) and snapped a few photos…judging from the first picture of the display, it looks like they are connected with the Bicycle Store Paris?

    Definitely not worth 20 000 euros…

  • Dean DePaco

    Being from Fl. I’m going to go slay and skin some gator to cover mine,lmfao..are they serious with this crap???


  • streettrash

    God Jesus! If someone wants to throw nearly thirty G’s at some hideous piece of trash, well I’ll happily be that hideous piece of trash. I mean c’mon I could use the cash, and there are a lot of people that could use it even worse than me! Last time I checked people were still starving out there…

  • chris campbell

    sad to say but i would rather walk than ride that thing…

  • gordo

    i don’t have enough hate in my heart to hate this as much as i should.. looks like a bowl full of vomit, i mean really? this kind of makes me angry!

  • simonz

    what happens when the bike gets wet?? shrink and crack??

  • Tim

    What a waste of a good cow!

  • Ian

    Anyone who buys one of these must seriously hate money.

  • Andrew P

    Looks like Bikesnob has his fodder for the day.

  • ken

    Don’t front on the cowboy boots John. You live in Texas now, get to it.