AJ and His BMX Feb 1, 2011


AJ Austin is one of those backwards riders. Most fixed freestyle riders rode BMX beforehand. This enabled them to translate various tricks quickly and most of the top riders out there have been ripping hard on BMX years before they picked up a fixed. AJ’s not one of those riders. Sure, he rips on his BMX but he started riding fixed first and it wasn’t until recently that he got a BMX.


Now he’s just a San Marcos-proud BMX and fixed gear rider.

  • aj austin

    With a massive wedgy #blackgirlproblems

  • Allender

    I’m in the same boat. Started with converted fixed gear bike then to track bike then to Fgfs bike and just getting into bmx… good stuff

  • ron

    We’re all in the same boat we’re gonna need a ship. First just riding track bikes street then tricks then to bmx. Now both