Won.Won.Eleven. Jan 1, 2011


It’s the first day of the new year and I figured I’d compile a list of my favorite “best of” posts from other blogs.

Milk Money: Top 10 Bike Portraits – Wilis took some great rider portraits and bike portraits this year with the latter being my favorite. Road, track and everything in between.

Defgrip: Exclusives of 2010 – This one needs no introduction. If you don’t follow Defgrip, you should! Amazing work this year.

Zlog: 2010 Most Inspirational Fixed Freestyle Riders – The truth of the matter is, my Top Fixed Freestyle Riders of 2010 was a joke (in case you couldn’t tell) and I had a post I was going to put up today that was more sincere. Low and behold, Zach put up a list with the exact same people in it. Head over and check that out.

Mishka Bloglin: The Bloglin’s Best of 2010: The Top 100 Albums – I write album reviews on the Mishka Bloglin and when Mike asked me for my top 50 albums I sat there, dumb-founded. How do you rank your top 50 and why did he need mine? Turns out their intern wrote a script to grade each of the Bloglin’s contributors top 50 into a top 100 mega list. Sweet! Check out who made #01.

And here’s a recap of all my top 10’s:

My 10 Favorite Beautiful Bicycles of 2010
My 10 Favorite Photos of 2010
Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Fixed Photographers of 2010
Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 Metal Albums of 2010
Prolly is Not Probably’s Top 10 New Fixed Blogs of 2010
Fixed Gear Freestyle’s Top 10 Web Edits of 2010

Now everyone go forth and make shit happen!

  • 16bitTyler

    Even though its not possible, this blog just got eighty times cooler by you adding in pilot talk 2 and kush and oj :D