Wolf Drawn: Resist Winter Edit Jan 9, 2011

Matt Spencer made a comment late last night on his Facebook about dropping a Resist edit today and here it is. Some real solid clips in here. Congo’s tree bump at 1:36 is fire and Matt’s line at 1:50 rules. There’s really too much to list! Just watch it and don’t miss that nollie at the end!

  • I just wanted to say the intro for this reminds me of a NIN graphic, during the “Broken” era. Nicely done Matt.

  • Rick Anderson

    matt, congo, seriously guys. pure insanity. i have no words for this, this is easily my favorite edit to start off the year with.

  • that was fucking awesome. best edit.

  • sam

    good edit.

  • TJ

    suuuuch a clean edit , gotta love congo and matt : )