What Sticker Should be Next? Jan 21, 2011


So I’m about to put in an order for 1,000 stickers again and I wanted to ask for some input. With endless possibilities for colorways, which ones do you guys like the best? The idea behind the upper right sticker is that the beard and eyeball would be clear so you could put it over any color.

Thoughts? Any other options you’d like to see? Feel free to leave a comment!

  • jay

    the clear would be super cool. that way each sticker would look different and unique. Definitely clear

  • Greg

    White or Grey beard. I love black/white… and I have a white bike, so it’d blend AWESOME

    Any chance of getting a PINP Merckx logo sticker?

  • Steve nunes

    The bottom three are the best. And how do I get my hands on some of them?

  • James

    #5, i’d vote #3 but you’d have to do it in white outline too, lot’s of frames are black (including mine)

  • Dave

    What about making a sticker pack? I know it will probably cost more, but to be honest.. I would like them all.

  • Tom

    I like the one with the clear idea….I still never received my sticker from the last batch haha.

  • drew leshko

    bottom left

  • French Roast

    Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

    But for real the black and red one.

  • Craig

    bottom left.

  • Upper right, but instead of clear, you should make it just black and white because clear wouldn’t really work on dark colors.


  • josh

    i think the classic orange beard purple backgrounds best, clear with a white outline is a close second..

  • Sean Coats


  • Matt Bee

    #2 or black beard with red back

  • Dima

    Red and Black!

  • dito

    How to get one of them? i want it. i vote for clear and orange.

    tell me how to get your sticker


  • Coop

    Upper right.

  • Clear

  • dontcoast

    upper right x20

    or anything grayscale.

    that would match all of my possible “colorways” :P

    also never got any of the first batch, was waiting for them :'(

    keep up the great bloggin’

  • I vote orange beard because its what I think of when I hear ‘prolly’

    But I’m also really attracted to the concept of the clear.

  • The clear for sure. It would rad on any color.

  • Jonathan

    clear FTW!! ill buy 14 and im broke ass

  • Charles

    Black & Red fer sure….for all us brunettes out here.

  • scissorneck

    classic red beard

  • Gdubbs

    Glow in the dark would be bjorn borg dot org!

  • Jimmy Mac

    Bottom Middle!

    I want a run of the OG cway before you start moving into the others, because i keep missing out with the stickers selling out within an hour at 4 in the morning!

  • T.J.

    i think you should try a purple beard with black skull and maybe a black background or something thatd look rad i think

  • Kamil (HNFIXED)

    #1 and #5 look nice

  • matthew

    i would say i’d like to see two, the clear one and the orange beard one. clear for creativity, “awesome-ness,” and orange for straight prolly

  • Rui

    Red and black

  • The red will look sweet, and then followed by the clear… Just order 2,000 and be done with it!!!

  • JD


  • BEE

    Clear! Clear! Clear! I think you should open up a survey with one of those polling sights and do some sort of official voting. Listen to the people! haha

  • Clear, celeste and gray and black beard it is. I’ll try to put in a big order and do sticker packs. Also doing the Merckx-flip in vinyl and the sword logo along with one other once it’s done.

  • Timbuktoofer

    I think if you’re going to order a big batch, get the OG orange beard/purple background. It’s both true to your branding and recognizable.

    If you really want to capitalize on the interest then order:

    1 stack of OG organ beard/purple
    1 stack of upper right clear color-way. add white outline as per James above

    Shit will sell mate. Or you end up giving up what doesn’t sell away. Possibly sticking them wherever you go. Worth it.

  • Kyle

    Just the bottom middle (classic) and upper right (flexible).

  • the clear! the yellow and black sounds cool too…or..orange and pink!

  • Zach

    I’d say classic or purple for sure

  • dag

    Clear gets my vote, while the Red/Black is a close second.

  • fredrick

    All the above! no really they all would be great.

  • sammy

    Top right sticker, clear beard and eye, but purple background circle?

  • harparo

    Classic Orange and Clear! The Classic is Classic for a reason!

  • Jon

    2nd or 3rd

  • sam

    black & red

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    duude. top right monochrome. and where is the prolly merckx sticker? i want one of those.

  • James Mac




  • StuF

    Top right

  • Spencer

    Upper left

  • Keep the ORIGINAL Color way. Don’t get too distracted with colors. The original has become your mark. People are familiar with it now. In the past few years your logo has become your brand.

    Represents you the best, you have a redish beard. Or if you are screening these stickers and wantt o save on costs, I’d go with the B&W version(#3).

  • benji

    i say you use rasta colors, red yellow green and black no doubt

  • Tyler Knafelc

    How do I buy? Bulk orders would be nice. I wanna tag Fort Collins CO real bad!

  • rkt88edmo

    Can you print three on a sheet that will fit in a standard envelope? triple colorway!