Volume Bikes: Congo X-Up Jan 2, 2011

Photo by Matt Lingo

Volume posted up this photo of Congo yesterday and I feel like we’ve seen a version of it before. Matt, you posted up other shots from this trick before right?

  • This spot’s popped up in other people’s shots, but I’ve never released anything of Congo I shot there. Volume asked me to shoot it a while back for them.

  • ther was a pic of Matt Spencer at this spot going around for a lil while. but tHis one looks real cLean…..gOod job Matt.

  • geoff

    take note youngsters bowl legged turn bars are NOT x ups, this a PROPER x-up! thank you Congo brings back images in my head of seein chris stauffer Xd the fck up through some butter ass trails back in the day!

  • Zephaniah

    Finely a proper x up in fgfs.

  • PHLthy Rich

    finally? Congo has been doin these forever.