Venture Expeditions: Mother Falcon Jan 11, 2011

Venture Expeditions specializes in cross-country tours. As they describe their services:

“We specialize in cycling tours.

On an Across America cycling tour you’ll raise support for people victimized by the greatest humanitarian crises of our time. You will ride from coast-to-coast or border-to-border in 5-8 weeks, stopping at churches telling these stories of people in need, and challenging people to respond through prayer, giving or acting.

Our 1-2 week tours are similar to our Across America Cycling Tours and International Hiking Trips but are significantly shorter. These tours are great if you are a working professional that only have 2-3 weeks of vacations a year.

We also do international cycling tours. These also raise funds for great causes, but incorporate a service/outreach component. You’ll be able serve the very people that you’ve raised funds to help.”

Here’s their latest video and I’m speechless.

  • Craig Smith

    I am going on the Southern Tour this summer. What Venture does is awesome and I am totally pumped to be apart of it!