Tuesday Teardown: Grave Desecrator – Black Vengance Jan 25, 2011

I can never get enough of some OSDM. Grave Desecrator is a gang of Brazilians who deliver dose after dose of crippling blast beats, gastly vocals and surreal soundscapes. Get on this shit! I’m only halfway through the album and am bummed that I didn’t catch it last year. These guys woulda made my Top 10 Metal Albums list for sure! Many maddening thanks to Mark Sirek for pointing these guys out!

Crank it.

  • Moneyfire

    Just looked back at your Top 10, did you not get into the Howl LP or did it not make the cut? Rock on.

  • Didn’t make the cut!

  • Moneyfire

    Bummer, one of the LP’s getting me through the NYC winter rides. Enjoy the warmth.