Tracko Loves Picking on Me Jan 29, 2011


A few weeks ago, I shot this photo of my speedometer after riding some of the hills in Austin with my buddy Chris Gomez. Then, the other day, Tracko posts this hella blurry photo of his “Fisher Price my first speedometer” computer reading 48 mph. I just hope my next photo comes out and dude, get a new computer. Those suck!

See ya at the NAHBS. We’ve got a bull for you to ride.

  • usheen

    why dont you like the knog speedo?

  • Bulky, not waterproof and after a lot of use, the band gets loose. My sensor band on the fork used to always shift and one time it hit the spokes, sending it flying. The computer doesn’t seem responsive as a Cateye and there’s no cadence monitor on it.

    So you’re spending $60 for a “well designed” rubber gadget that doesn’t actually work as well as a Cateye or other brand.

    Fisher Price.

  • swift

    agreed – nothing is as secure as quick-ties.

  • hater69

    I have had a knog computer on my bike for over 10,000 miles with no trouble. Plenty waterproof and stays in place just fine after a year of use.

    Looks great, works great. A little over priced though yes.

  • I just love that it is easy on and easy off. I personally hate computers. So the easier I can take it off the more stoked I am. All I need to know is distance traveled for following directions, so a ok in my book. But for someone serious about fitness…I could see were it could be considered Fisher Price.

  • nick

    cadence? really? c’mon.

  • D

    I have used a knog for the last year and it is great. I constantly ride with a friend that uses a cateye and we are km for km every single time.

    It works great.