Track Sabbath Jan 1, 2011


This photo from Ashcan Collection’s Flickr had me tripping out last night. See that shirt on the left? How rad is that? I was hoping it was a forthcoming shirt from their line but turns out it’s a friend of the company’s goldsprints team shirt. Damn.


Before I found that out, I did a GIS for “Track Sabbath” and came up with this poster on Behance. How did I miss that? It was from October 2009. If either of those guys did a re-issue. I’d buy one!

  • The Ashcan stubby holders in the photos also look awesome!

  • Void


    Here in Birmingham, England (birthplace of the Oz) one of our Bike Polo teams is Black Stabbath, they had shirts done last year, and are planning wheel covers, with this logo.