Tony Fast’s ESB Party Bike Jan 17, 2011


When you build a new fixed freestyle bike in the Sweathogs B.C., you’ve gotta expect to have it written on, painted and customized. There’s nothing more boring than a clean-as-a-slate trick bike and that’s what we realized while riding the other day. Tony Fast loves his ESB and we thought we’d spice it up a bit.

Check out more photos below!


Prior to the special touches, I managed to grab some nice photos of this bike. It’s one of the lighter freestyle bikes out there and that’s mainly due to the tubing used. You can’t beat Reynolds!


The welds on these bikes are great and they’ve got clearance for days.


The mark of the Sweathog is loyalty and Tony’s loyal to Profile!


A purple splined sprocket and a Charge masher chain offset the raw finish on the bike.


A little Zlog-placement.


Overall, this is a clean build.


Tony told me to not call it a Beautiful Bicycle. But I don’t care!


It is however a little too clean.


Which is where a can of spraypaint comes in handy.


A paint marker never hurt either.


Now it’s official! This is a party bike if I ever saw one! Thanks to Tony for coming to hang in Austin and letting me shoot photos of his ESB! Check out more photos at my Flickr.

  • cbleslie

    I would hurt someone if they sprayed my bike.

  • I’m digging Tony’s bars, I’ve been trying to hunt a set of those down locally, but none of my LBS(s) carry em. How are they holding up Tony?

  • Street Trash

    Is there some reason that he runs his chain backwards?

  • cal

    ^ probly rides fakie more often than not

  • TOM

    Chains on backwards faggot

  • Anton

    What type of bars are they?