Tokyo Fixed Gear: 3Rensho Overload! Jan 13, 2011



Yikes! Tokyo Fixed Gear just posted a megaxplosion of 3Rensho goodness for sale on their site. These things are just nutty and I posted the most elegant one. You gotta check the rest out. It’s quite the experience to flip through all of them on the TFG Flickr, so I suggest you do so!

  • Those are some of the rarest 3Rensho frames I’ve seen for sale in a long time.

  • James Arrow

    For sure they are nice, but a repainted 3Rensho is no original bike anymore!
    I know how they looked before, next to Makino, ne!

  • Patrick

    I always wanted a 3Rensho, but I’ve never seen one big enough. They need to make one 61cm

  • Patrick

    I just looked, and they totally have a 61. All I need now is 1500 Pounds Sterling.

  • Sal

    Just asked them about that 57cm webbed 3rensho, Asked them if it was a repaint and they said no.. they even sent me pics of when they picked them up in Japan.

  • This one doesn’t look like a respray to me…?
    Webbed lugs! Amazing.

  • alex 12

    perfect restorations then?

  • Mike

    For sure it is a repaint! The japs did it…

  • Jake Ricker

    God damn it!!!
    Makes me miss my 3Rensho even more :(
    Hey bike thief… If you read this I would love my bike, bag, and cameras back!