The Ride Journal Issue 05 Jan 11, 2011

Ride 4 Cover Front SMALL.jpg

I love it when I’m already a fan of something and I get an email from its creators describing their project. The Ride Journal has been a staple in my cycling publications. I’ve enjoyed each issue and it’s now time for Issue 05’s launch. For those who aren’t familiar:

“Continuing where the previous issues have left off we turn away from the race reports, route guides and bike reviews. Instead we’re still focusing on the riders themselves and the passion that pumps through their veins. Covering all aspects of cycling there is everything from Scottish track racing, French BMX, Alpine freeriding, Spring Classics road races, commuting in Kampala, Japanese framebuilders, Canadian mountain biking and even a postman lamenting the sad loss of the post-bike.

As ever it’s not about the big names inside but we are very happy to have Graeme Obree, Michael Barry, Jamie Bestwick, David Millar and even djing legend Norman Jay joining us in this issue. As well as the eclectic selection of articles we’ve also got a whole host of illustrators who once again bring a new dimension to the pieces with their illustrations. As ever, all profits which aren’t used in creating the journal will be donated to a number of charities.”

Check out the launch party flier and download links to issues 01 and 02 below!

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Just head over to the Ride Journal and download issues 01 and 02 for free!

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