Takeover LA: PiNP New Era Jan 6, 2011


Well, the wait is over. Finally! Right? Sean from Takeover LA! got his Prolly is not Probably New Era in and I’m glad. Now he’s got one less thing to heckle me about! I’ll be getting a small size run of these in and they’ll be for sale shortly. In the meantime, who else got theirs? Post up photos in the comments?

  • Sean Martin

    You know I love you! The Hat is great, and fits like a dream. A worthy addition to my New Era Collection!

  • Got mine today!

  • Awesome!, still waiting on mine to drop in London. Shouldnt be long now i hope.

  • if you drop an 8 in this, i’m all over it! looks good dude!

  • cody

    hey prolly, you got anyone of this caps left to sell? i’d be hyped to buy one!

  • Mine arrived but now have to wait for it to get to London from Leeds. So stoked these came through! Thanks John, now just got to get myself a Milltag jersey haha ;)