Slumworm: Making the Leap Jan 19, 2011


Now you guys know my stance of 26″ fixed. I accept that people will ride what they want to ride and that small frames look a lot better with 26″ wheels. Even some medium frames look good with 26″ wheels. Now I get the whole durability argument but if you make a frame with bigger 700c clearance, your tires are larger and your wheel’s lifespan triples. Just look at Tom LaMarche’s Scissor. Massive tires and his wheels are holding up fine. Unless he clips a big marble manny pad.

Now where I’m not convinced of 26″: running them on large frames, as pictured in one of Slumworm‘s recent posts. I’m a man of proportions. It’s my architecture background. I’m also a huge stickler for builds. This bike is built really well but the proportions of it are all wrong if you ask me. It’s damn near impossible to design a large frame with 26″ wheels and make it look good. At least in my opinion. The main issue seems to be: 700c wheels, proportioned wheelbase and head tube, 26″ wheels, elongated wheelbase (visually) and over-compensated head tube.

My biggest qualm with this frame is that it looks squashed. Maybe it’s because they designed it with a ton of standover and the saddle is slammed? I dunno what it is but there’s something bad-ass about a large frame with 700c wheels and big tires that this one lacks. I know the Wheel Talk crew is working with Specialized on the P-Fix line, so I wanna see them push hard to make a large 26″ fixed that even I would wanna ride. I know you guys can do it!

  • amen.

    I dislike it when you rant on about 26 fixed freestyle but this post gets a like. Amen prolls

  • drew leshko

    agreed. nice post.

  • I know what you are saying. once you start giving the bike a larger head tube, and increase the space between the top tube and bottom tube the aesthetic of the bike starts looking odd. The small and medium frames look a lot better aesthetically, but aren’t going to have the clearance or stand over like the large. It looked strange to me @ first too, but the more I ride it and the more I look @ it the more it grows on me. Still tying together some loose ends, maybe we’ll make some changes for you John. maybe…

  • Billy_L.

    I think right now they are more concerned with performance and progression more towards an ideal 26″ Fixed Freestyle bike. It seems like you are only concerned about the aesthetics, which really shouldn’t be a key factor. Also, the look of it could grow on you.

  • Jason

    I’ve remained silent through most of this discussion but i agree with prolls here. Just because your addressing a trend doesnt mean it has to look like a wet turd. That bike is horribly ugly and it would look cleaner with 29″ wheels. The rider is tiny on that bike get him bigger wheels!

  • Renke

    Laugh my Head off.
    You call this beast a large Frame? You should see my Reynolds531-Roadie-Conversion in 64cm Frame size with 700c wheels. Seatstays seem to are just double length and still beating a Hell of aesthetics.

  • jaerrod

    Couldn’t agree more, proportions are just a necessary thing when it comes to a build.

  • Patrick

    I am a stickler for aesthetics, but I know next to nothing about fixed freestyle. I only ride more track-y track bikes (if that makes sense). I bitch about risers on track bikes and un-taped bars. My comments add nothing to the whole 26″ v. 700c thing, but I fully support your right to complain about meaningless aesthetic concerns on bikes that you don’t ride, even if they affect the performance of that bike. Someone needs to enforce the rules of aesthetics…

  • *size Large, not “large” as in big.

  • Professor Derpenstein

    That bike pictured looks rad to me

    Keep on riding whatever you like.

  • Josh

    That Bike needs a shorter head tube and higher rise bars. There is a lot of function over form with bikes it’ll just take time ti get it right.

  • Bee

    Prolly… you can barely pedal a bike compared to what they do. Blogging and reblogging doesn’t make you good at anything but sharing your opinion. The fact that you have a following is still… to me… a joke.

  • LOL. I didn’t diss on their riding. If you read this blog, you’ll know that I fully support the WT dudes. Hell, I placed them at the #1 spot in my top 10 new blogs of 2010. Bee, you need to chill a bit and quit with a shitty attitude. Don’t question “my following”, my traffic’s doing just fine.

    I have my opinions and yet do I rarely stoop that your level.

  • Cee

    if this is the bee i know from new mex hes a shit talker. dont bother with it prolls. speak your mind thats why we come here.