Sasha’s Bi-Lam Alex Singer Jan 20, 2011


Sasha, in his ongoing search for elegant rides, snagged this Alex Singer touring bike. Now I know what you’re thinking: “great, more grandpa bikes…”. All I ask of you is to really look at the detailing on this noble steed. Singer’s bikes are world-renown for their beautiful craftsmanship and this bi-laminate lugged tourer is by no means the exception to this rule.

Check out more photos below.





The unfortunate story behind this bike is that Sasha came across it, found all the parts for it and never actually built it up due to time constraints. Instead, he sold it to another Singer-fan who now owns it. I’d love to see it refurbished! Anyone got photos?

Want a better background on Alex Singer, say, in English? Check out Cog Magazine‘s article on the Frenchman’s frame shop. Beautifully done guys and Sasha, it’s a bummer you didn’t ever get to build her up and ride her!

  • I’ve been there, the adress hasn’t changed… ;-)

  • Beautiful. I’d pretty much kill to get a Alex Singer (Alec Sonjeer) in my size.

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    I like the grandpa bikes.

  • Im the new owner and will let you know when its refurbished with photos! Finally found one in my size.