Review: Dopefight – Buds Jan 12, 2011

“Baby Goat Sick” from Buds

Everyone pick up your bongs, no, fuck that throw your bongs. The weed you’re smoking ain’t good enough for DOPEFIGHT! When I first saw the name of this band, I chuckled to myself uncontrollably. I thought for sure it was a joke. Low and behold it wasn’t and their first LP, Buds is more than I bargained for. Sit back, crack a bowl and break open Buds.

Stoner doom seems like it’d be an easy genre to master and yet so many bands just ruin my buzz. Dopefight’s got it down though. “Baby Goat Sick” and “Leviathan’s Burp” open up this 13-track LP and before you can spark that bowl, you’re nodding your head and closing your eyes. The chug-a-lug onslaught continues with “NOB.NOD.NOI” and “Specimen” (the only 4:20 length track). Constant breaks, heavy bass, melodic riffs and minimal vocals. Who wants to concentrate on vocals anyway?

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*due to a scheduling error, this Tuesday Teardown was delayed a day…

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