Refinery 29: Pics Of Brooklyn’s Most Bad-Ass Bike Shop! Jan 12, 2011


Refinery 29, the NYC-based “Global Fashion, Local Shopping” blog featured my photos from my Shop Visit to Cicli Devotion. Their copy is a riot, reading:

“With a last name like Devotion, we expect your day job to be pretty spectacular. Priest maybe, or school-teacher. Good thing then, that Matthew Devotion, proprietor of bike shop Cicli Devotion, is as devoted to bicycles as Britney Spears to bad footwear choices. At his Brooklyn-based workshop, the cycling master and collector has channeled his encyclopedic knowledge and tight skills with the two-wheelers into a sort of consultancy business—his tag-line, “classic racing bicycles & components bought, sold and refurbished,” is somewhat enigmatic. Let’s just call him the bike whisperer. Luckily, Devotion opened up his space to photog John Prolly, who posted over 20 drool-worthy snaps on Prolly Is Not Probably. The result is bike porn in the extreme—spare parts, works-in-progress, patches, and, vintage posters. Oh, and did we mention the half-naked (NSFW) pin-up girl calendars? Porny indeed.”

Pretty good. Check the rest of their write-up, along with some quotes from Matthew here.

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