Recent Roll: Kenny and His Bad Luck Jan 18, 2011


Poor Kenny. He’s been plagued with bad luck over the past few weeks. First he was hit by a car and lost a tooth. Then he clipped a dumpster in an alley and broke his finger. Dowh! At least his spirits are still high!


Here’s his ride. A yellow Raleigh Rush Hour Pro track bike. Not bad huh? Kenny’s a full-time messenger in Austin and is a rad dude. Say hey if you see him!

Check out more from my Recent Roll right here at my Flickr. I’m pretty stoked on a few of these.

Also, be sure to check out the TONY FAST PARTY CAM photos. I lent Tony my Olympus Stylus Epic the night we went to the Salt Lick and he blew through the roll in a night.

  • Gordon

    I don’t know why, but those wider risers look really sexy. I’d love to see a post on Kenny and his ride!

  • Werd. Maybe I’ll do that.

  • chrislee

    Kenny is so hawt right now.

  • Kenny is fully gnar.

    Is that your scanner making the photos muddy?

  • ckamp

    I want to shake that hand.

  • Benji

    that is what you get for having facial hair like that….. KIDDING! I’M KIDDING!

  • Parker

    That is a beautiful bike.