Recent Roll: Head to the Hills Jan 31, 2011


I’ve been shooting a ton of photos lately. Mostly while out riding and exploring new road routes. Just south-west of the city is a road called Terrace Mountain drive. It’s the gnarliest shit I’ve ever ridden and if it weren’t for the descent back down along Bee Cave road, I’d barely be able to make it home afterwards.


Check out more from yet another Recent Roll at my Flickr. Inside you’ll find more countryside photos, the new Sushi Box, crotch blowout and various shots of abandoned buildings. I’m pretty stoked on how this photo of Mr. Jesse Gordon came out as well. I’ve got another appointment with him on Thursday.

  • andy

    have you done red bud trail? If not you should check it out.

  • Yeah, I usually ride Red Bud, Terrace Mountain and Westlake Hills. All bitchin’ rides!