Reader’s Rides Jan 7, 2011


Wow! In less than a week, I got over 50 bikes submitted. While this torrent of track and road bikes keeps trickling in, I’m going to post up my 10 favorites each week. Once it slows down a bit, I’ll go back and sift through the ones I haven’t posted yet, adding them to new Reader’s Rides entries. To start off, let’s all drool over Sven Cyclenerd’s Somec. That’s what I’m talking about! Sven added this via the PiNP Facebook.

Check out nine more Reader’s Rides below!


Calvin’s Big Block.


Cicciostoky’s Colnago Pista.


EdShred’s Bosomworth.


Hagan’s O’brien.


Allan’s Litespeed.




Grant’s Foster.


Ryan’s Streetfighter.


Jessica’s GanWell

Not a bad first week was it? Let’s keep them coming and remember the basics:

Include one drive-side shot: Get down level with your bike and try to capture it all in photograph from the drive-side.

Include one detail shot: I want to see what makes this bike stand out from the rest! A nice lug shot or maybe a detail component shot would be ideal.

Resolution: Please! Send me photos at least 800px wide!

No Crap: Readers want to see beautiful bicycles, not clunkers. No offense to the beautiful beaters of the world!

You can submit the photos via email or post them on the Prolly is not Probably Facebook!

  • That GT is Hot!

  • Matt D

    Nice rides… Lovin that Foster!

  • wade

    I think I’ve seen Cicciostoky’s Colnago Pista around Union Square, and it turned my head from 1/2 block away …

  • ckamp

    drool somec… it so clean.

  • wilis

    SOMEC for the win of this round!

  • 30% from New Zealand. Yeah we take it serious down here.

  • new favorite feature.

  • dontcoast

    gorgeous machines all!! especially like the somec and the o’brien

    I’d like to see some more gritty street machines though

  • surely SOMEC loses the other nine bikes by few laps…