Reader’s Rides Jan 17, 2011

Joe’s Nagasawa

You just can’t beat a pristine Nagasawa can you? That’s what I learned when a reader from Down Under forwarded me his friend’s bike. Yow! There have been some beauties coming through my email and it’s hard to figure out which bikes to post with such stellar bicycles photographed so beautifully.

Check out some more Reader’s Rides below!

Johan from Urban Cycles‘ Lotus

Uriel’s Porteur

Tim’s Bruiser

Bernie from Trinity Bicycle‘s Raleigh 3-speed fixed 650b customer build

Liam’s RIH

Kim’s BMW

Mads’ BMW

So this post was supposed to go up on Friday but I had company in town and we wanted to ride. Let’s keep them coming and remember the basics. If you don’t follow these rules, they won’t get posted:

Include one drive-side shot: Get down level with your bike and try to capture it all in photograph from the drive-side.

Include one detail shot: I want to see what makes this bike stand out from the rest! A nice lug shot or maybe a detail component shot would be ideal.

Resolution: Please! Send me photos at least 800px wide!

No Crap: Readers want to see beautiful bicycles, not clunkers. No offense to the beautiful beaters of the world!

You can submit the photos via email or post them on the Prolly is not Probably Facebook!

  • Michael

    You include in the rules to include a detail shot, but in this post and the previous no detail shots are provided. Have none of the details stood out enough, or do just not feeling like posting those pics?

  • Right now I’m just trying to get through the massive queue of bikes and rather than showcase the details, I’ve linked to the bikes’ webpages where they can be found. Most of the bikes I’ve gotten in my email don’t have details and are shot with a camera phone, indoors or aren’t the best photos….

    I’m planning on using ALL of the submissions soon, just in a different way than the beautifully-documented bicycles.