Reader’s Rides Jan 28, 2011

Photo by Eric Baumann

This week’s Reader’s Rides entry is one beautiful road bike! Michael Sadler is Josh from Arc En Ciel‘s roommate up in Union Square, Massachusetts. He’s a musician and has a love for classic steel bikes, finding stability in their ride. Like most of the northeast right now, his town is covered in snow, making for a lot of “indoor time”. At the beginning of the season, he and Josh conspired on how to build the ideal bike for around-the-town schenanigans and long road rides.

Here’s the final product. It’s lovely! See more details below, including a full build list.

Photo by Eric Baumann

Photo by Eric Baumann

Simply amazing build! Thanks for sharing Michael!

Fausto Coppi Columbus Genius Tube
Miche Primato headset
Cinelli R1 stem
Cinelli Giro d’Italia bars
Campagnolo Daytona shifters
Campagnolo Daytona crankset
Campagnolo Centaur rear d.
Velo Orange rims
Miche hubs
Campagnolo quick releases
Dura Ace seat post
Selle Italia Turbomatic saddle

More details can be found at Arc En Ciel’s blog!

Let’s keep these Reader’s Rides coming and remember the basics. If you don’t follow these rules, they won’t get posted:

Include one drive-side shot: Get down level with your bike and try to capture it all in photograph from the drive-side.

Include one detail shot: I want to see what makes this bike stand out from the rest! A nice lug shot or maybe a detail component shot would be ideal.

Resolution: Please! Send me photos at least 800px wide!

No Crap: Readers want to see beautiful bicycles, not clunkers. No offense to the beautiful beaters of the world!

You can submit the photos via email or post them on the Prolly is not Probably Facebook!

  • alec

    so clean, i love how tight geo that frame is and it has my favorite brakeset ever. nice build. my northeast ride looks like a salt lick right now.

  • Jiminy

    awesome build but to be completely honest I get a bigger bike chub from the “beautiful beaters” it would be awesome to see some featured.

  • I like the beautiful beaters – too bad the photos I get of them aren’t so nice. I’m doing something with them all though. Next week… you’ll see!

  • Rusty

    single ring? How flat is it where they’re at…

  • Carl

    Cool idea. Terrible execution. Painfully bad bell placement.

  • Michael

    Who are you, sir? Supreme arbiter of bell placement?