Raleigh Bicycles: Macaframa Frameset Jan 25, 2011


The Raleigh Macaframa frame has been getting a ton of love lately. I first introduced it here on the blog in my Interbike coverage and now it’s on the Raleigh Website. Check it here.

If anyone has a 59cm laying around, please send it my way! ;-)

  • Andrew P

    Wondering what’s up with Raleigh lately. Virtually unheard of for as long as I can remember, then, BOOM, a line-up of stellar bikes.

    I’m eyeing their Sojourn touring bike.

  • Parker

    So glad to see beautiful bikes like this coming from Raleigh. I knew they had it in them! I love my 1980 Raleigh Reliant.

  • Joel

    Does anyone know the price for one of these? My local shop was unaware this frame existed!

  • is there anywhere online that i can order one of theses?

  • Here’s a link!

  • bob

    I clicked that link but it sent me to a gay porn site. Thanks for the link douche

  • No, it sent you to http://www.lmgtfy.com and input “Bike Shops” which brings up a list of local shops in your area.

    Your “gay porn” site means your browser has spy/adware on it and it’s bombing your link referrals.


  • Tristan

    Haaa proll becoming a troll!

  • Dylan

    As of now, the frame can only be purchased through your local Raleigh dealer. Macaframa is working on selling it online. This frame is very very limited right now, but more frames will be released later in the quarter, and more colorways to come later in 2011.

    As mentioned above, Raleigh has definitely stepped their game up with a really awesome line of bikes and even a newly assembled pro team in Europe (http://www.teamraleigh.co.uk/)!

  • Bob

    You’re a good guy Prolly! Glad you didn’t take my earlier post seriously.