PTBOrides & Jackson Creek Press: Five on Fifty Jan 17, 2011

I like this for many reasons and one of which is how they chose obscure, Canadian cycling legends.

“ teamed up with our good friends at to bring you a limited edition print featuring the names of our 5 favourite Canadian cyclists.

In 2010, Jeff at Jackson Creek Press had made a series of three prints; Limited edition runs featuring the names of 5 Canadian graphic designers, 5 Canadian authors, and 5 Canadian musicians. When we launched it seemed automatic we should make a cycling themed print. Since Jeff is into riding bicycles, he was eager to make it happen as well.

Last week, on a cold Canadian evening, three of us met up in the Jackson Creek Letterpress shop. With frozen toes and toques and parka’s worn in earnest. We set type, thawed ink, listened to the CBC, talked about Greg Curnoe and Mariposa bicycles and cranked out — literally, by hand — 50 prints.

We did so on a 1940′s Proofing Press using wood and lead type, handset in the bed of the press. The print features two colours, Pantone Warm Red, and a Custom Grey. I am biased, to be sure, but these prints look very nice. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Of course, with a project like this, the first problem you run into is thinking about all the names not included in our list . . . There is no way around that. However, in case you missed it, Kieran wrote some words about why these names are important to him.”

Check out more information here.

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