Prolly is not Probably Viking New Era 5950 Now Available Jan 18, 2011


Well, it was a long time coming but these are finally in my possession to sell. The Prolly is not Probably Viking New Era 5950 is now available. Check out ordering instructions and sizes available below!


So stoked! Now for the details:

The price is $45 plus $8 shipping via USPS Priority. These will be available for domestic purchase only! I don’t want to deal with a bunch of international orders. Sorry. If you purchase one internationally, I will cancel the order and refund you. Limit one per customer. I am not in the position to take refunds or exchanges. Please allow 3 days for me to make it to the post office. You should try on a New Era before purchasing. The new wool they use will expand a bit and will shrink if you wash it.

Like all New Era‘s products, these are built to last. They’re not some flimsy fake-fitted, they’re as legit as they come!


Many thanks for Mishka for making these for me!

  • man… im 3/4 :/

  • Kmcafee

    Really????? Whats with the small sizes I got a huge head haha I was so stoked I didn’t care how much bit the sizing killed my dreams

  • Rodrigo

    How does the numbers size works? i dont understand 3/4, 1/4, i never had new era, so, this will be my first and last and must fit :D

  • Barkada

    I need a sz8. Damn, I missed out!

  • damn, are you really out of 8s already??

  • DAAAAMN! are your sales THAT good that the only size left is 7 3/8?! im a 7 1/4 and that extra eigth is something i aint sure about.


  • glitch

    ima 3/8. and id love to get one of those. prolly if you still got it let me know ill take it off your hands.

  • krash

    prolly, do you have a store site, or how do you where do you sell your products through?