Product Review: Ignoble Bags MONA Cocoon Backpack Jan 19, 2011


A little while ago, Dean from Ignoble bags shared with me their MONA Cocoon backpack. Rather than just post their stock photos, I asked Dean if I could try one out. I’ve got a backpack fetish and am always willing to try new products out. Now, Ignoble doesn’t make “cycling bags”, they just make high-quality, made in the USA porter goods.

Check out my thoughts on the Ignoble Bags MONA Cocoon Backpack below.


Ignoble describes their MONA backpack as:

“The Mona Cocoon Backpack is constructed from ultra-durable, ultra-sleek materials, with a 230t nylon exterior, YKK branded nylon zipper closures and nylon herringbone trim. The bag is lined and features padded straps, a padded airmesh back, a front vertical stash-pocket, a small hood stash-pocket, and a large main compartment with internal hanging-pocket and book-sleeve.”


It’s true. This thing has pockets to spare.


Zippered compartments are everywhere on this bag.


Some of which made for perfect tool stashes, such as this access point on the back of the bag.


I found a very practical use for one of the four cinch straps on the MONA.


Like I mentioned, these bags are made in the USA. Each bag is hand-assembled in small runs by a military-grade soft goods production facility


Unlike a lot of other bags, the breathable mesh extends to the underside of the straps as well, making for a comfy ride even on the hottest days.


This is a really nice bag. It’s smaller than my other backpacks and offers a unique approach to bag design. All I was looking for was a small backpack to carry around camera equipment and I found just that.


My only critique isn’t so much about the bag design as it is about the fit. I’m a big dude and at times the MONA felt dwarfed by my back. It also tended to shift a lot on my back, regardless if I wore the chest straps. I think that has a lot to do with my u-lock on the side and the fact that it was always stuffed when I wore it.


Here you can see it with my normal, ever-day load. I really like the side-profile of this bag. Even when it’s packed to the brim, it maintains its silhouette.


Disregard the lop-sided straps in this photo, I had just put it on and forgot to adjust them.

Overall, I think the bang you get for the buck, the Ignoble MONA Cocoon backpack is a good investment. It’s durable and the perfect size for a commuter bag. The many pockets and breathable back and shoulder mesh make it an ideal every-day backpack and if you’re like me, you can never have too many bags! Thanks to Dean at Ignoble for letting me try it out!

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