Pinarello for Diesel: Only the Brave Bicycle Jan 27, 2011


Sometimes I wonder why I get press-releases like this. Sure, fashion is fashion and more people on bikes = a good thing. While I don’t really like the aesthetics of Pinarello‘s crooked top tube gesture or the identity of Diesel and their clientele, I can say that the all-black model would look 1000 times better with a straight blade fork and track drops. Well, maybe.

Check out the press-release and an additional photo below.


“Pinarello and Diesel together: a perfect joint venture, two Italian brands deeply rooted in the same territory…by bike they are just two hours away! We are part of two different industries: they make people feel comfortable and we make people feel tired…but we share the typical Italian creativity and the constant desire to astonish and surprise our clients!”

If Neil Denari would have designed a bicycle, this is what it’d look like. Yuck!

  • Andrew P

    Wow. Yuck. This is easily one of the ugliest bikes out there. It’s like they’re taking cue from the Ikea bike.

  • rear triangle looks like the 3g major/taylor ( cool looking? no. structurally sound? probably not.


  • Rui

    All black deep vees with no machined break surface and some pursuit bars in blacka nd dont thing it will look half bad. That and remove the gay ass diesel branding.

  • mongchacha

    everything you’ve said about the crooked lines and the fork…right on the money! this bike is whatevers.

  • trexor

    If not Denari, it might have been Lebbeus Woods… Perplexing.

  • otakuhouse

    at first i was like “why is prolly posting pictures of a bent trek soho-s” yuck. pinarello minus steel = blech.

  • joseph