Outlier: Supermarine Cotton and the Storm King Parka Jan 19, 2011


These are so unbelievably nice in person. Enter the world of high-end performance outerwear with Outlier and their Storm King Parka:

“The secret to the future, they say, is hidden in the past. Supermarine Cotton is a World War II fabric with a 21st century twist. Highly water resistant, extremely breathable and made of the longest Egyptian staple cotton available. You can look at it as the pinnacle of cotton technology, and we think it’s the most comfortable and wearable rainy day fabric around.

The Outlier Storm King Parka marks the launch of our Supermarine Cotton collection. From fabric to cut, it’s a full spectrum rethinking of the rain jacket. The four way construction and full sleeve zippers give the garment an incredible freedom of movement and ventilation. Details include envelope pockets, half pit zips, a full view hood and a front Riri Aquazip.

Available on January 19th in Red, Anthracite & Black via the Outlier Webshop.”

This stuff is legit and yeah, it’s not cheap but that’s the price you pay for tech fabrics.

  • Alex

    Cotton will never be a “tech” fabric, I respect the hustle tough but please try to be honest with your readers. You could get gore-tex pro for that price and I dont know actually be dry.