Outlier Feit Pre-Order Jan 26, 2011


If you signed up for the Outlier Feit pre-order notification then this is old news but if you didn’t then check it out:

“The Outlier Feit Supermarines. A handmade sneaker, built with the best materials possible. Highly water resistant, extremely breathable and all around a pleasure to wear.

Like all of Feit’s shoes the Supermarines are handmade using traditional shoemaking techniques that today are generally only used by high end dress shoe companies like John Lobb, Alden and Tricker’s. Making shoes by hand allows us to produce small volumes at very high quality levels. It’s not cheap, but the results are worth it and we work hard to keep the costs down by selling direct.”

They do look really nice. Outlier‘s stepping up their game!

  • Vas

    260 and it might go up? shitballs.

  • dmg

    No, no… $260 and it might go up and made in china!

  • Jack

    Sorry but Outlier has zero brand reputation so even if they are great shoes I (and I’m sure many possible consumers) am not about to take a $260 gamble based on their product description.

    Outlier does not equal Gucci.

  • You serious? Outlier has a great rep. Superb quality, durable and tech. I have put everything I own of theirs through hell. But I’ll admit, these shoes aren’t for me. They are however nice in person.

  • They’re a lot like common projects or Y-3 in construction, materials, and price. Except Outlier are known for paring down their collection to very well researched items using proven materials.