O’pignon Fixed Gear: Welcomes Simon “Gomok” Andraca Jan 14, 2011

This is not only my introduction to O’pignon Fixed Gear but also an introduction to their new rider, Simon “Gomok” Andraca. In all honesty, I’m pretty stoked on the feel and production of this video. Really solid work and the riding ain’t too shabby either!

Also check out a photo of Simon below.


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  • WHAT DA!!!! throwing bars down snowy sets?!?! awesome

  • dontcoast

    schwitzer syle! les suisses aiment jouer dans la neige!

    …but i wish all this “cycling wear” wasnt all cotton tho…

  • Simon is siiick !!

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    that was impressive. riding in snow is no joke.