One Awesome Holiday Gift Jan 5, 2011


If you follow my Flickr, this might look vaguely familiar. Back in October, I visited an antique shop here in Austin with my ladyfriend. Inside a glass case were a bunch of Masonic amulets and other imagery. Since the Masons are riddled with architectural history in the US, I’ve always been a fan of their imagery. When I returned to Austin yesterday, this was sitting on my desk in a neatly-packaged box. Quite a surprise! Anyone have a back-story on it that won’t get you kidnapped?

  • Rui

    in hoc signo vinces means something to the effect of “under this sign, you will win” or “by this sign, you will conquer”. My latin is rusty, its some holy war type shit, conquistador stuff. I seem to remember seeing it in the Vatican somewhere on a very similar symbol (cross witha snake wrapped around it). That shit is pretty right up there with masionic symbology, those fuckers love religious iconography and symbolism.

  • Yeah, that symbol is also a re-appropriated and slightly-altered Alchemist image called the “Crucification of Wisdom”. Two snakes wrapped around a cross, branch or other object represents the deception of Adam and Eve by the Serpent as the “enlightenment” of wisdom. Thus the snake is being crucified.

    Or something to that effect.

  • Rui

    Ah, yes. The Caducius (spelling?) of Mercury has two snakes wrapped around it, and this symbol is often used by alchemists to symbolize their connection with Mercury. Im not sure the alchemist symbol ahs much to do with Satan and and Adam and Eve. I think each snake represents wisdom and magic in that sysmbol but is been a long time since I’ve read up on alchemical symbology. Forgot all about those whack alchemists, thanks Prolly!

  • The Masonic brazen serpent, a symbol of the 25th Degree Masons.

  • Norn Iron

    Ancient Christian phrase all the way back from the time when Constantine I ruled the earth, which was like 40 years before Merckx the Great took over: