On Geekhouse, Dreams and the NAHBS Jan 20, 2011


Lately I’ve been having really vivid dreams. You know, the kind of dreams where every detail is a reflection of some event you’ve had that day. Well, last night I went to bed thinking about how much fun NAHBS is going to be. I just paid the crew at Geekhouse for my SRAM group yesterday and the bike’s been on my mind a lot the past few weeks. So I went to sleep only to wake up this morning with some really weird memories.

The NAHBS was outdoors in Austin, under a highway overpass. There were tents everywhere and all the photographers were complaining about the lack of light. I was stuck in the Cyclops tent (heh) trying to get my lens working correctly when Chris Bishop got on the PA system and announced “I’m over making really, really sweet bikes”. He went on to say that “From now on, I’ll be making firearms”.

Everyone was shocked. Why would Bishop Bikes close down? While I was sitting there, scratching my head, it began to rain. People huddled under the tents when Marty from Geekhouse came running over saying “You haven’t seen your bike yet!”. Randomly, someone turned around and yelled “MY LITTLE PONY” at me. Confused, I headed over to the Geekhouse tent (which was covered in muddy cross bikes, a beer basket cruiser and a 20″ fixed bike (because, you know, no company has made one of those before).

In the back, on a shelf was my Woodville touring bike. It was lavender and black with glitter couplers, a sparkle Brooks saddle, a suspension fork, tassles and pink Deep V’s. Now my dream had turned into a nightmare. Marty gave it to me and told me to go get them pretzels and beer. I got on it and music came out of the wheels. Then I ran over a pothole and a dancehall airhorn erupted from the fork. As I was riding away, everyone chanted “MY LITTLE PONY” over and over again. Before leaving the NAHBS area, I woke up.

I Tweeted part of this story earlier and someone commented that Marty told them that he and I snuggled at the NAHBS in one of his dreams. Strange indeed!

  • chris

    This stuff comes from drinking the Austin water….

  • Luke

    You better quit cheesing man that is trippy like nothing I’ve ever heard!