On Food Trucks: Me So Hungry Jan 27, 2011




Sure, this is hella off-topic but it’s something I’ve taken a liking to since moving to Austin. Food trucks are freaking everywhere in this city. Moreso than LA or NYC, these transient feeding troughs line the vacant lots of the city, serving up some of the best (and cheapest) eating around! From here on out, when I eat at one, I’m going to shoot some photos of just the details. These two are from Me So Hungry on East 6th st.

Check out more on my Flickr.

  • Rui

    Gotta say the MUD Trucks around NYC are still my favorite. Nothnkg like great coffe out of truck!

  • Jason

    Jon a few more you should check out ( if you haven’t already)

    Torchy’s tacos- the best queso around IMO

    Flip happy crepes- …basically anything there.

    And it’s not a food truck, but polvos on S. First.

    Good stuff.

  • sam

    got any other recommendations? Will be at SXSW for the music portion and would welcome any recommendations.

  • j

    not as many as Portland

  • aleko

    best banh mi in austin

  • This has the makings of a great series of images.

    We have vans a chain of vans here in Glasgow called Maggie’s vans.

    They do some deathly burger that’s like, burger cheese bacon, burger cheese bacon, burger cheese bacon, salad and sauce.

    I think if you can eat it you get a prize or something, probably a years free Maggie’s burgers!

  • Ricky

    Checkout ChiLantro for Korean fusion tacos & Gourdoughs for some insane donuts!

  • Yo dude you said “these 2” but you totally got 3 pictures up. Food coma?

  • Great pics! We would welcome and article and photo contributions!