Name This Rider Jan 31, 2011


Name this rider, win stickers. He’s racing DH and isn’t usually seen on this kind of bike. The first to comment with the correct answer wins an envelope of Viking stickers.

Hint: look at his shirt and his hop style.

  • easily Tom Lamarche. I know that bike, and shirt, and i think even shoes for that matter.

  • A

    Tom Lamarcheee
    nice bike

  • cbleslie

    No idea! Do I get the booby prize?

  • Alex

    John Prolly

  • Tom LaMarche

  • Jason


  • andrew

    thats not lamarche is it?

  • Furoche wins. Send me an email dude.

  • agleck7


  • faggot faggerson

  • TOM

  • A

    awww man, i was so close :p
    i didn’t know lamarche was even into dh
    that’s kinda cool though

  • jerickson

    Ty Kellet

  • 426 lamarch tom ht 1:34.94 25.51 76 (7) 1:34.94 1:37.09

    UKbikepark winter DH series race in Triscombe, South West England, 30th Jan. He finished 76th. :)

    I guess the fact he rode the Red Bull Hill Chasers in Bristol on Saturday has something to do with that.

  • tom kills it on every bike.

  • Matthew”Buffalo”Morgan

    hey man, you got any of those stickers for sale???

  • Props for racing DH on a hardtail.