Nagasawa Sunshine Hubs Jan 12, 2011


My buddy Ross just picked up a new wheelset for his Nagasawa and boy, these are nice! Sunshine-manufactured, Suntour Superbe Hubs with Nagasawa pantograph laced with Hoshi bladed spokes to Araya carbon tubular rims. I can’t wait to see them on his ride. Maybe I’ll have to continue the NJS bike photos with his collection. Hrmmmm…

Check the rest of his photos out here at his Flickr.

  • stoked to see some people keepin the NJS dream alive!

  • scorch

    your “buddy”? i didn’t even realize you two knew each other… i wonder where does the boy get all the cash for his naggies etc, with his job? :) lucky!
    and nice wheelset of course (i wonder if those rims are brake-compatible?)

  • chris campbell

    That wheel set is amazing. Ross saves and saves, holding out for the best of the best obviously!!

  • scorch

    how are these wheels, for instance, “NJS dream” kept alive?..