My Milwaukee D.A.R.T. Bruiser Jan 25, 2011


Ever finish a project and finally hold it in your hands only to be beyond stoked on the outcome? That’s how we feel about the Milwaukee Bicycle Co and Mishka D.A.R.T. Bruiser. After getting the frameset in, I’ve been stoked to ride again. Last weekend, I rode with AJ on this bike and I can honestly say, I’m not putting it down!

Check out more photos below.


The DART insignia looks awesome.


Each tube has a specially-designed decal.


The paint couldn’t have been better! It’s a gloss base coat with a grey satin finish. So clean!


The fork sports the MKE beer stein in a glossy magenta.


And the track ends are exposed glossy sea foam. Very Mishka!


In a first for MKE, and other frames for that matter, we’ve added grind reinforcements to the underside of the chainstays.


This bike just looks mean!


And I’m stoked on it.


Right now, these frames are en route from the factory. Expect more news on availability, build options, pricing and other details as events warrant! Check out a lot more detailed photos at my Flickr!

Second Look: Milwaukee Bicycle Co Mishka D.A.R.T. Bruiser
Milwaukee Bicycle Co: Mishka D.A.R.T. Bruiser Production

  • kito

    thats a horrible looking riser to go with such an awesome bike. no offense prolly.

  • LOL. I like them but yeah, I wanna get some of the new NS Bikes risers… time to try out 25.4 again in a 3″ rise.

  • Billy_L.

    ghost trackstand?

  • Ryan

    If there’s one thing I’ve always loved about your builds, it’s that you still keep to the track bike aesthetic. You always look like you can ride that thing around town and not have it be a pain in the ass, but bust a wallride on your way there. I think it’s kind of a shame how we’ve deviated from that a bit.

  • RulerZigzag

    are you running the fyxation 35c tires?

  • Patrick

    How’d you get the bike to stand up with out a stand? Photo shop’d out the stand?

  • Yep. Fyxation 35c on the back. On the MTX33 rim, it balloons out to around 40c. It’s got tons of room in the rear end so once I’m done reviewing them, I’ll go with a 45c.

    Patrick, I used a magic stick.

  • afjlaf

    bike check?

  • noel

    awesome ride. not into to tricks myself but love the new breed of FGFS bikes and how it’s evolved. the colourway is quite slick. not something you see too often. although i think the decals on the rims have to go.

  • Burd

    I’m in love.

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    sooo tight. do you feel at all guilty for thrashing on it? tell me you have another mint frame to hang on your wall. honestly the my favorite bike i’ve seen on pinp. but thats probably because its mishka.

  • Amazing paint. The sea foam dagger points hook it up. Are those brake bosses on the seat stays?

  • ron

    the paint job rmeinds me of the time in 2008 or something where i first saw the mihka dart crew. being dope. can i have one