MonsterTrack XII Promo Jan 6, 2011

Speaking of “this is a track bike, there are no provisions for brakes”. March 12th, 2010, NYC. I’ll be there.

  • HIROMI!!!

  • wilis

    I love how it’s Victor yelling about no brakes when he rides single speed with 2 brakes.

  • Riding a track bike a lot longer than most of you.

  • @willis i have multiple bikes,im a biker first before race organizer,and teh last thing i care about is what kinda bike i ride,as you should well know willis,and generally i ride whatever is available, be it a track bike/single speed/gears/ whatever.i have 3 bikes and i ride whatever till it brakes..btw i took the brakes out for MT,and ill go back to brakes after,
    and yes i have been riding track before most

    @prolly i drilled my track bike for brakes