Milwaukee Bicycle Co: Mishka D.A.R.T. Bruiser Production Jan 6, 2011

Mishka Bruiser Head.jpg

This project has been in the works for well over a year. In fact, I remember at the time discussing it with Mishka and Milwaukee Bicycle Co. saying we should do a mid-bb because there hadn’t been a production frame with that yet. Fast forward to over a year later and we’re finally seeing these in. Through various design tweaks, headbadge and paint revisions, MKE got in a few production models.

Check out the full frame-photos below!

Edit: Drew just sent me some detail photos which I’ve included.


This is the XS size. Fits 700c wheels or 26″. Perfect for the ladies!

Mishka Bruiser Small lo res.jpg

The small frame.

Mishka Bruiser Medium lo res.jpg


Mishka Bruiser Large lo res.jpg


I can’t wait for my large to come in next week and I’m so glad this has finally come to fruition. It’s been a long, long road.

Be on the look out for these shortly through Mishka and Bens Cycle in limited numbers! We’re going to offer them as a frameset and as a economy build complete. Also on the way are the Hold Fast & Mishka FRS.


BB lo res.jpg

Chainstay “grind guards”.


Heat tube cluster.


Seat stays.


  • Moneyfire

    I don’t even ride fixed freestyle and the aesthetic is ill enough that I more than half want one. I wish production road bikes could take a fucking hint…

  • reginvld

    I. WANT. THIS.

  • awesomnes. sick!

  • Burd

    Damn. So effing sick.

  • dennis

    glad it doesn’t have the threaded bb anymore.

  • mark

    man, that paint is legit. i wish it came in track frame . . .

  • Sam

    Tire size stay the same?

  • cody

    i love that it looks more and more like a track frame the bigger you go.

  • Why all the crimpage?? any geo details?

  • Finn

    will bens cycle be updating the regular bruisers with the same features at some point? i just want a regular MKE frame with better tire clearance.

  • tire clearance?

  • 42c all the way slammed, 48c back… A lil better than the standard Bruiser.

  • najmuddin

    shit! this is nice! :D

  • Jack Stewart-Castner

    so tight. this would be unreal to own.

  • Whaou, unique!
    Love the large sizes to!
    Congrats on that work!

  • jake

    Is that v-brake mounts?

  • erik-MNWKA

    Thank you for all the great feedback. So stoked! We couldn’t be more excited about this project.

  • Harry

    Nice impovements over the allready great Bruiser frames.

    The flat black paint is horrible though. Ive yet to see a bike with a matte finish that doesnt look cheap- Reminds me of entry level taiwanese BMX completes with reflectors in the spokes. :-/

  • paaas

    Harry, adjust your monitor. It’s not black. Looks great! Congrats on seeing it come to life.

  • blacklung

    wow, this looks impressive. going to have to talk to the guys back home to see if i can make one of these happen.

    just one thing, wouldn’t it stand to reason that all the frames would fit 700c or 26″? XS is probably more suited for that size, but i’ve had this itch lately, and this just may be the thing to scratch it.

  • Harry

    My point was, paaas; that matte paint jobs are done already. Its cheesy. The fact its black, charcoal, grey or whatever else you want to call it is redundant. PS. Calibrated with Datacolor Syder 3 Elite. ;-)

    No hate on Mishka, I have a lot of their goods. Personally I just hope MKE releases the same model with a more tasteful finish.

  • Harry, just because you think matte looks cheap doesn’t mean everyone else does. I personally think gloss black looks cheap since gloss is cheaper than matte to do.

  • Tim

    Harry Id rather leave it to a brand like mishka to design a special edition fixie than some guy hating in the comments. nothing about a matte paint job is cheap. I’ve worked in the bicycle industry for a long time and I think this is one of my favorite fixies yet ~ Great job guys ~

  • Andrew

    Does anyone know what the holes in the side of the head tube are for? They look like holes for detangler mounts on a BMX frame??

  • Giro tab mounts…

  • Andyg

    The dopest headbadge.

  • Andrew

    Are they actually giro tab mounts??