Milwaukee Bicycle Co: Bruiser Winter Commuter Economy Builds Jan 10, 2011


Riding in the snow without the right equipment can be hazardous as much as it can be frustrating. When we started to design the Bruiser, we wanted it to be the perfect all-around bike. Not only did we want it to be great for fixed freestyle, but we really wanted to design a solid bike that could be used in various ways. Keeping with their Eco Build series on the Bruiser, Milwaukee Bicycle Co. is now offering it as a winter commuter build. For $899 you get the bike pictured in your size. Not bad. Check out the details here at Bens Cycle.

  • Michael

    A well built commuter gets me more excited than any fgfs bike.

  • Vas

    i understand this is a “economy” build, but plastic pedals for winter are a bad idea

  • Scott Shire

    Ben’s/Milwaukee sure gets a lot of hate for such a great shop. I’m not sure what they do wrong, actually. This is a great buy, if not quite as much of an uber-bargain as their road bike.

    My question, since I know very little about FGFS, is how easy would it be to use this budget commuter build as a competent FGFS bike once the snow melts? As it’s currently assembled, Prolls, would you trick on it? Are the parts adequate?

    For $2-300 more, for example, one could build a Rival-equipped ‘cross bike that would fare well as a winter commuter and be more than adequate to race your first 3 ‘cross seasons.

    Thanks, man – love, love, love your product descriptions & reviews.