Milk Money: 180 at FDR Jan 5, 2011

Photo by Tom LaMarche

Wilis keeps getting nostalgic at Milk Money and I remember seeing this photo when he, Tom and Tony were working on Bootleg Sessions 1. The guys were always filming at FDR and because of the localism there, they had to show up practically at sunrise to get any riding in. Crazy. Check out more photos at Milk Money!

  • rob

    not sure whether i count a quarter pipe ‘air’ halfway up transition as a 180. or even a trick. still, props he actually got ride FDR, you always used to hear about skaters beefing everyone there.

  • antihero1972

    “you always used to hear about skaters beefing everyone there.”

    and they should!!!

  • wilis

    This is me, I pulled 180’s there all day. Skateboarders that rode down there on their track bike to skate were giving us props. You have to remember very few people at this time were pulling shit like this.

  • wilis
  • rob

    my bad, didn’t realise this was old. don’t massively follow FGFS.

  • wilis

    I picked that up, wanted to inform you based off your comment.

  • mat