Midwest Mayhem 2 Jan 23, 2011

This just in from Sam, one of the organizers of last year’s Midwest Mayhem:

“So there has been some information floating around about Midwest Mayhem 2 floating around for a little bit on the interweb, but since today is the one year anniversary of the first Midwest Mayhem it seemed fitting to give everybody the real deal:

What: Midwest Mayhem 2 Trick Jam and exclusive edit premiere
When: Saturday May 28, 2011
Where: Milwaukee, WI. Four Seasons Skate Park for the Jam, location for the edits premiere will be determined shortly”

More at Mid-WestMayhem! I’ll be there and will be documenting the mayhem!

The flier is below!



  • Sam

    Don’t forget to credit Kathryn Belongia for her awesome work on the flier.

  • Tyler Johnson

    I am soooo excited for this!

  • Chode

    Such a good idea to do it during the summer this time.