Michael Chacon: Flying High Jan 18, 2011

This is hands down one of the cleanest and most skilled edits I have seen in a while. Michael Chacon is killing it right now and that 180 bar down the 6 at the end is nice! Damn dude.

  • wilis


  • Sam

    why is everything in slow motion?

  • foreal, has to be the cleanest edit i have seen, not saying people dont have 1-2 clean tricks per video, this has tons. keep up the good work mike!

  • matts

    pretty tight! 180 bar at the end was clean as hell.

    while on the topic of good riding..

    about a month ago a few photos of tomL surfaced with captions saying stayed tuned… was a video of him riding posted lately?

  • Finn

    slo mo pink eye

  • JD

    soooo slowww.

  • doubted

    hmmm so maybe there is such a thing as fixed freestyle after all, just takes a style this clean.

  • Bliss`

    I’m apparently not the only one who thought this was slowwwww.

    I want to see these at regular speed!
    Killing it regardless though! 180 Barspin!?!
    …And John, What’s the current biggest FGFS stair set documented?