Merckx Mondays Jan 10, 2011


Merckx Mondays content comes in waves. At times these waves are breaking overhead and other times, they’re barely lapping the shoreline. This week I’ve got a ton of great content from all over the world. One of the best things about Austin is the great riding here. Last week, my friend Chris took me to ride Terrace Mountain. It kicked my ass! Just about 10 miles in an hour with some of the steepest climbs I’ve ever encountered. This was no joke and I can’t imagine doing the ride on anything but my MX-Leader road bike. Such a solid machine for 45mph descents and steep climbs!

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Right before the holidays, I got in a Telekom jersey from Roberto Bicicletas! Finally, one in my size. Now all I need is a Telekom track bike.


Remember this Merckx Pista? Well, the owner‘s giving it a new look with non-fluted Super Record Pista cranks!


The Eddy Merckx Pistas are some of my favorites and Andy from Fyxomatosis has the grail of them all: the MX-Leader Pista. Drool! If you recall, this one used to be Sasha‘s.


From the Tears for Gears world comes this interesting story about Connie Paraskevin Young Merckx Pista:

“I recently purchased an Eddy Merckx pista and have confirmed with Eddy Merckx cycles (through Gitabike) that it was built in 1987 for Connie Paraskevin Young. I suspect it was used by her in the 1987 UCI Track Worlds in Austria. It was all white and equipped tout Mavic at that time. In 1988, Connie enlisted Keith Anderson (confirmed by Keith) to livery the bike as a Murray. It was then put into service late in 1988 for the Sundance Juice Sparkler series. It is serial #A 4694 A, Columbus SLX, 47cm.”

Pretty bike!


Remember that Masi post last week? Well, in case you weren’t aware, Merckx not only rode Masi bicycles, he also rode De Rosa road and track bikes during his career.


These two photos show Eddy Merckx’s Reynolds753 time-trial bike from the 1977 and 1978 tour. Hand-built by De Rosa. Note the fork crown detail. Thanks to Old Campy for these!


Here’s one more from Old Campy’s Flickr. He acquired the left one 6 months ago. It was ridden by Ward Janssens and the right one is completely NOS.


The Molteni color has served its purpose over the years. As seen in this post from Belgium Knee Warmers on the Tour of Flanders. Amazing!

Well that’s for this week’s Merckx Mondays. Thanks to all the contributors! If you’ve got something interesting to share, either email me or post it to the PiNP FB!

  • still kicking myself for not buying that mx leader from sasha!

  • terry kritis

    Haha, that last picture that is from my hometown of Oudenaarde! that’s the centre of the tour of flanders. They sell a lot of awesome cycling jerseys and often do special editions. During the Giro they sold the “Maglia Rosa” special edition in cotton. Only 250 made! awesome stuff here in belgium