Matt Lingo: Emi Brown on Dictionary Hill Jan 11, 2011

Photo by Matt Lingo

Matt Lingo shares with us a story to go with this incredible photo:

“It’s definitely the most dangerous hill we have here in San Diego to try and ride down. One of the neighbors was telling us stories how kids come to speed down it in their cars, fly out the other side, and end up in going off a cliff into a trailer park at least once a year. Apparently there’s also some guy that comes by it once every two weeks, smokes a cigarette and drinks a beer at the top, then rides down on roller blades.

For Emi his larger gear ratio means he stands a less likely chance of spinning out of his pedals on the way down, but his carbon fiber front wheel means that he needs to have alot of control speed checking his way down or else the dip at the bottom will take it out.”


  • Patrick

    Matt Lingo always does good work, and the black and white road with a bicycle shot seems to be one of his signatures. Maybe San Diego makes better pictures because it’s more beautiful than the rest of the world.

  • T

    I’d like to see him ride up that hill. There’s the show of skill.

  • Mark

    Riding up the hill is a show of how fortunate you were to have the parents that came together to create your VO2 max, and how much training pain you enjoy. Minimal on the big skills.

    The real story is jeez those are some tallass telephone poles!

  • chad

    Emi Brown is one of my favorite riders to watch, that hill looks INSANE!!! curious though, what ratio does Emi use in order to not spin out that much on a hill like this?

  • Joel

    Just what gear ratio does Emi run?

  • He tried riding up it once, but he said he knew he was in trouble when he started rolling backwards on it. For his ratio he’s running a 52:16

  • dontcoast

    not riding up much fun stuff on 52×16

    this hillbomb takes skill for sure but i’m rather of the ride up, then down school. walking my bike pisses me off

    still a beautiful shot, and emi sure has flow

  • Austin

    I am definitely going to go check this hill out. Lets see if I can ride up it with a slightly easier ratio (49/16)

  • Southcount

    Did anyone film this?

  • velo666

    awesome that he can bomb hills…. Thats really great. Just one thing though. Is it OK to beat up girls? You can ride as many hills as you want but when you beat up a girl then you should die… well thats what this piece of shit does. Rides hills and beats girls…. Fuck him.