Mash SF for Cinelli: 2011 Catalog Jan 30, 2011


Mash has a nice little write-up on their contributions to the 2011 Cinelli Catalog. Here’s what Mike has to say:

“Part of what we do is record moments otherwise lost from our day to day. Choosing to be on the bike, before behind the camera, the goal being to find time to have your own adventures, and document those who inspire us. The 2011 Cinelli Catalog is really beautiful. Antonio is a curator and artist, and what they are into is reflected in their print. We are happy to share images from our own adventures with others, in hopes that it sparks many many more. These bicycles have been the catalyst.”

Can’t wait for those pursuit bars to drop!

  • sean

    Hehe. “Pursuit bars to drop.”

  • bakerbones

    wait… what? mash are bringing out pursuit bars? wowzers!