LOW Bicycles: Handmade Track Frames from San Francisco Jan 19, 2011


Chas from TCB Courier shot me an email introducing a local (read: 3 blocks from his house) framebuilder named Andrew Low. Like many of us, Low has a pining fascination with the track bikes of the early 90’s, namely the KHS Aero Track and Cannondale track. These two frames inspired him to hand-build his own bikes. Yes, those are aluminum!

Check out more photos and info below!


These use the same exact tubeset as the aforementioned precedents but Andrew upgraded to a 1 1/8″ steerer and a 30m Alpina track fork to soften the ride.


As I pointed out, these are hand-made in the USA right where the aluminum track bikes gained a huge following amongst riders in the early 2000’s: SF. Stoked to see more. Details on availability to follow!

Check out Low Bicycles’ Tumblr for more.

  • Ortu

    can somebody explain the meaning of “hand made” when we talk about bicycles?

  • Hand made is the nuanced description that’s used to described the “one by one” nature of making a bicycle frame. I.e. It’s not on an assembly line.

    Make sure you pay attention to the word nuanced here. It’s a blurry line…

  • NICE! Perhaps another pit stop on my upcoming SF visit.

  • Brian

    Where can I purchase these frames?

  • faceplant

    i want one

  • kevin
  • alucardbelmont

    damn finally someone out there is exploiting the 90’s its about time someone copied those khs and cdales for the mass

    is there any more info on this? – geo-type of aluminum, process etc?

  • god i need one of these bikes

  • Patrick

    I own one of those ’90s Cannondale CAAD5 track bikes, and they deserve to be copied. If you’re lucky, you might still be able to get them cheap, or you might find one in the T-Mobile colorway

  • agi

    Great news!

    we FGA, here in Athens have been trying to get a local framebuilder to make a street track bike based on the Cdale, KHS but also the GT tiemyer of that era is a good combination. short wheel-base, an idea lo-pro, fat and thin tubes, drop-outs out of the rear triangle…

    i think that bike rides very nice on asphalt fucked up roads!

    Great bike, LOW!

  • benji

    yeah there just isn’t anything like those C’dale tracks out now I had one just recently and had to sell it cuz it was a size to big for me but damn! it rode soooo nice. I’m skeptical but dude is from my home town I may have to look him up….

  • s.j.

    If you are pining for an aluminum track frame in the spirit of the KHS Areo and the Cdale, check at Continuum Cycles (NYC) track frame. Aluminum frame, steel fork. This is the third or fourth year they have had them built. http://www.continuumcycles.com/

  • Slush

    huh wut? continum? no – those bikes are so bad. not track at all just cheap china garbage. these bikes look ill

  • aluminum looks fun!