Locked Up: What? Jan 6, 2011



I came across this poor bike today and figured it’d make a good Locked Up post. That sucks!

  • Charles

    hmmmm….art piece or pissed off girlfriend?

  • TT

    This is sick.

  • jordan

    only in the south

  • Onn

    Definitely art. It speaks to the soul.

  • jimmy

    haha, looks like a good prank to me!

  • Rivky G

    This is so damn hilarious!

    Feel bad for the owner :P!

  • Matt D

    FTL (For the LOL)

  • Craig

    Hahah. One of my friends had this happen on april fools day last year while he was out running packages. Never did find out who did it but they did it fast – like, while he was in a building picking up a package. Fortunately it was just newspaper and masking tape, so it was easy to clean up.